Jarrad Nairne – Owner


A passionate Gold Coast local, Jarrad quickly established himself as one of the leading voices on property management on the coast. Not only does Jarrad have the knowledge and skills in the real estate industry but his business management background ensures that he understands what people want and as a result, can deliver a service that is tailored to your specific needs.


Jarrad owns an investment property so he knows exactly what works, what doesn’t and what can be improved. He goes through the exact same process when it comes to renting his own property as the one he offers at QPC so you can feel confident that you are receiving a best practice approach to managing your investment.


Always available for a chat, Jarrad’s approach to property management is to partner with investment property owners to deliver a service which is based on communication, excellence and integrity. If you are looking for better results without having to pay extra, call Jarrad for a discussion as to how he can make that happen for you and your property.