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Managing your investment property yourself vs a specialty Property Manager

Why would I waste money paying someone else to manage my investment property? It can’t be that hard right?

Property Managers exist for a reason, one humorous comment I have seen which sums it up is “it’s all fun and games until the toilet pipe bursts at 3 in the morning”.

When you have a great tenant who is looking after the property, paying the rent on time and is on a long-term lease, sure it may seem easy but as soon as a situation comes up (which, I promise, it will) you really want to have a qualified and experienced professional who understands the law and your rights (and the tenant’s rights).

Quite often, landlords loose tribunal hearings and conciliations not because they weren’t in the “right” but because the correct process hasn’t been followed ie Breach notices not being issued correctly and within appropriate timelines, entry notices not being issued, damage vs wear and tear, the list is long and many horror story’s exist.

Using a qualified Property Manager can actually save you money

This happens by managing relationships with your tenants and also through contacts with local trades – all of this saves you time and lowers your risk.

I have an investment property and even before I started QPC Property Rentals, I had it managed by a qualified agent and whenever I think back to issues that came up, I’m very glad I did.

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